Using Post-it Notes For Content Brainstorming


Using something as simple as post-it notes can be a great help when brain storming content ideas. It’s some we use internally and have Yes, No, Maybe/Refine groups.

To get this going, round up everyone from your content or creative departments and gather everyone around an empty table. Put up the post it notes on a wall near the table to represent your Yes, No, Maybe/Refine groups.

Then give each person in your  group a stack of post it notes. Get someone's phone who has a stopwatch app. Set it for 1 minute, and tell everyone they have 1 minute to write as many ideas down (No matter how stupid) on the the post it notes and stick them on the table.

After the you have done this, as a group you go through each idea putting them into the category on the wall. Then do it again, set it for 1 minute and repeat a second time.

Doing this, and keeping the time short actually helps you come up with pretty good, simple ideas. As you don’t have time to over think it.

from the blog Adding Responsive Client Side Images To Umbraco

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