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Today's businesses are expected to be creative, innovative and ever-evolving in everything they do, especially when it comes to branding and marketing. Anyone can get hold of a stock image, but with illustration the possibilities are endless, and a business will find it easier to be unique, original and engaging by harnessing the power of illustration.


The Benefits of Illustration is an infographic created as part of a self-promotional online marketing campaign.

This was a fun project which allowed our design, development and marketing teams to work together on the same project to show off a range of new skills.

Our Approach

The content of this infographic allowed for our designers and illustrators to get creative with characters (both new and iconic), icons and elements in a fun, cartoon-inspired style.

We chose this particular style for its energetic vibes and injected bold colours throughout. 

The finished infographic lists eight benefits of using illustrations, each one accompanied by some descriptive text and an eye-catching, original image. 

benefits-of-illustration-small-v2.jpg benefits-of-illustration-small.jpg
We would highly recommend this company

Aptitude created an attractive & usable website for our racing team, offering professional help and guidance throughout the process at an affordable price. We would highly recommend this company to potential clients.

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