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Full Range Furniture is the holding company of many successful online furniture based stores.
This brand needed a complete new identity to stand strong and vivid within this competitive industry.


First we established an icon styled identity by creating a bespoke letter by combing the letters F&R into one, a clever concept which will be recognised throughout the industry. By utilising both a serif and a sans serif modern font, the text part of the logo was done to portray a variety of styles within the client product ranges.

After a little market research, we decided to use a mustard yellow and black colour palette for the brand to stand out against competition. 

Website & Printed Materials

The website for this project basically mirrored the new branding! A very stylish, clean, simplistic one page website to simply promote our clients online stores, but also created to strengthen the online presence of 'Full Range Furniture'.

We also believe that consistency definitely helps a brand to become establised, so we also went on to create their advertising, stationery, and other promotional materials such as online banners, POS and social media adverts and imagery.

full-range-furniture.gif full-range-furniture-small.jpg
We wouldn't use anybody else!

We approached Aptitude for a whole new brand, website, advertising and everything we needed to promote our business. The Aptitude team did more than just deliver, they advised and helped us plan all the materials we may need to achieve success.

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