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Our 'Album Covers - The Bigger Picture' was part of a graphic design and content marketing project for ourselves to showcase our abilities and expertise. Each album was shown in its entirety, and when clicked on, revealed our imagining of what happens beyond the borders of well-known album cover art.

Content Aims

The idea was conceived with a link building campaign and showcasing our graphic design in mind. We wanted to produce content that was original and that could be consumed by a large audience. Our target audience were music lovers, artists, photographers and graphic designers, giving us a solid base to hit.


After outreaching our campaign to various popular websites, we managed to generate a huge buzz around the 'extended album covers'. The campaign was a huge hit for Aptitude, as we managed to secure coverage on such sites as Mail Online, Metro, ABC News and BuzzFeed. In under two weeks, we managed to obtain 2000+ external backlinks from 300+ referring domains as well as thousands of social media shares.

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International Recognition

Buzz60, a news based company from New York saw our work and produced a news style video highlighting our work and describing it as "inspired".
NDR Radio in Germany also covered the album covers asking for an interview with our graphic designer, Gary, to describe what inspired us to do such a piece.

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